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Meeting information

The C.A.T.S. Club meetings are held the last Thusday of each month at the American Red Cross building located at 1760 Madison St. Clarksville, TN. The meetings start at 6:30pm. We hope you join us.

*** No meeting for March ***

due to Covid-19 we will not hold a meeting.


*** Nightly net on the 147.390 no tone **

Tune in at 6:30pm nightly

If you dont hear anyone just say your call on the air.

"Good Evening, KT4FQ" see who answers.



As of now Testing HAS been canceled

However, please check here often

 As radio operators, we can close the gap of social distancing. We can meet on the air. Throw your callsign over the air on 147.390 and see who else is out there. If you use the 146.925 (-110.9 PL) repeater, remember it has a 4 second delay programed in. So, key your mic, count to four in your head, then say your call. If you key and talk to soon, nobody will hear your voice. The only thing that will be heard is the"roger beep".

Lets get the airwaves warmed up while sitting around the house!


CATS turn 65





Information Requests

For more information, you can request to be put on our mailing list, otherwise known as the KF4L Reflector. Simply click this link:


Come to the meeting and see who you hear on the air.