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KF4L C.A.T.S Clarksville Amateur Transmitting Society

We have Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly events.

Event Date Time Location
Morning CW QRP Monday-Saturday 07:55 7.097
Morning Coffee Monday-Saturday 08:30-10:30 Burger King Riverside Dr
Net Thursday 7:00pm 147.390+
Club Meeting January 27 6:30pm 1249 Slayden Circle
Testing last Saturday in January 1:00pm 2751 Woodlawn Rd, Woodlawn TN
Annual Tailgate Party 14 May 2022 To Be Announced To Be Announced
Field Day June 25th-26th 2022 1800 UTC Saturday - 2059 UTC Sunday To Be Announced

For more Ham Radio related events visit the WA7BNM Contest Calendar