cats_logoKF4L  C.A.T.S       Clarksville Amateur Transmitting Society

About KF4L

    The KF4L radio club started in November of 1954. The call sign of KF4L was the call sign of one of our favorite members. He passed away in 1996. The CATS Radio club voted and accepted the honor of using Lucky's Call sign as the Club's call sign. 


About Lucky

    Quinton Dwayne Holeman, or "Lucky" to his friends, was born February 21 1927, in Webster County Kentucky. Lucky retired from the Airforce as a Tech Sergeant. Lucky served his nation in World War II and the Korean War. In early 1977 Lucky earned his ticket as KA4KAN. Later that year he upgraded to his General Class. By march of 1978 he earned his Advanced Class license. In September of 1978 he received the callsign of KF4L. We were sad to lose Lucky to cancer on May 16th of 1996. But in his honor we use his callsign for the CATS club. So whenever we do a club activity, you can hear Lucky's call go across the air.


Club Information

  • Club meetings are held the last Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM. Due to Covid-19 we have switched to a LIVE You Tube format. Click HERE to get to the C.A.T.S. You Tube Page
  • All are welcome. You do not need to be a licensed ham to join us.