'QRP' with the FLYING PIGS




Check US out!

Look for us on 40 meters at 7.097: about 755 local time Monday thur Saturday

7th Area QSO Party 2019

Veterans Day 2015

Salmon Run 2015

Flying Pigs take on the 7 th. Area QSO Party

Freeze Your Butt off at Port Royal

Flying Pigs Blast off to Saturn

Pearl Harbor Day at Fort Defiance

Flying Pigs land on VFW

 CQ WW DX 2013 and Flying Pigs

Pigs go to the Vets 2013

Pigs N Skeeter's 2013

Flying Pigs 2013 Field Day Pigfest

Winter Field Day 2013 Caboose Style

Veterans Day Surprise 2012

DX on the Run QRP Style a CQ WW DX Story

Trains, Rain and QRP

Pearl Harbor Remembered 2012

Making Bacon on Pollard Road

PIGs on L S T

Field Day 2012 and the Flying Pigs

Flying Pigs chasing Skeeters

3 Pigs Flying close to the Ground

VFW 11-11-11

CATS Tailgate with PIGs Attached

Fog on the Cumberland

Too left Standing at Ft. Defiance

Flying Pigs on Saturn

When Flying Pigs and Balloons Collide

Pigs in the Field

Winter FD Flying Pigs Style

Winter FD 2013

When C.A.T.S. and Pigs Play

 Qrp with Jefferson Davis

First Blood Drawn at Ft. Defiance

Return to Pilot Rock

Cooking Bacon on Wilma Rudolph

QRP in the Field

QRP Balloon Rescue

Flying Pigs Go DXing

Waves on the Cumberland

QRP that Wasn't

PIGS on Pollard Road

Under the Shadow of the Balloon

Up Up and Away at Piney

New! Flying PIGs

Making Bacon on Pilot Rock

Pilot Rock/First Look

QRP at Piney Campground

QRP with the BEE's

When Pigs Fly with BEE's

CW at the Last Train To Clarksville Station

Beat the Heat QRP

Just for the Fun Of It!