North central TENNESSEE


Greetings from North Central Tennessee


You are witnessing history in the making. We have just formed the local chapter of the Flying Pigs International in Clarksville Tennessee. As the trustee of the chapter I am letting everyone know that we are on the air and have had our first meeting and signing of the official license at the Dough-nut Delight on Providence Rd. in Clarksville Tennessee. Our call for the chapter is KJ4NUC for right now. Soon to be changed to a more pig oriented call sign real soon.

At the first meeting a ceremonial signing of the license was conducted by myself, KM6NN as trustee, Doc NV4T as Boss HOG, Rob, N4PJX and Lewis, KF4WK. During the meeting a ceremonial fund raising campaign was conducted and Doc presented the one and last donation of 1 cent.

Now it is off to the Dog Hill District near down town Clarksville. Lewis has brought his K-2 and his Buddy Pole antenna for our first QRP in the field QSO party. We set up the Buddy Pole for 40 meters and used a bench that is located on the walk way that has been built by the City of Clarksville for local citizens to use. The walk way is real nice and makes a great place to operate.

Setting up was a breeze and the antenna was up in no time. While Lewis and I set up the antenna, the Doc was hooking up the K-2 and power. With everything set up we were off and running on 40 meters. A quick scan of the band turned up only a few stations calling CQ. First we heard NI3F, Kenneth in Bethesda, MD. He was coming in strong so Doc sent out a call. No luck, so he tried again and still no contact. Doc moved on down the band to 7049 and we heard KB5GXD, Angelo in St. Joseph, MO. He was strong and also calling CQ. Doc set up and when Angelo stopped he jumped on him and called. We waited patiently and no return. Another call but still no contact. Oh well so much for hunt and pounce. So Doc started calling CQ and he called and called and called but no reply. Next I get on and start calling CQ. I call and call and call and no response. Now Lewis gets a turn. He calls and calls and calls and still no response. Now I an checking out the radio and the  antenna but it all is set up FB. So Doc gets back on and he hears KF4YJQ calling CQ. Walter sounds strong so Doc gives him a call. Bingo !!!! our first QSO for the PIGS is in the log. Doc gets a RST of 449 while Walter is a 589 to us. Turns out Walter is in Clarksville and lives not far from my house in the Cumberland Heights area of Clarksville. It starts getting hot so we check one more time for a good signal and not much going on. During the week in the morning is not the most productive for QRP but you never know who is listening. It all is good in QRP country and we reluctantly shut down and start getting ready for the next QRP in the Field.


72 for now from KM6NN and the Flying Pigs from North Central Tennessee

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