It all started when NV4T asked when we were going to do another QRP in the park. The question came up on our regular schedule CW get together on 40 meters (7120 @ 9 a.m. and @ 4 p.m. local time + or - for QRM) during a short QSO. Well not to be left out it was decided that we would take a chance on the wx being good (fat chance) and give it a try. Thursday was set at about 09:30 a.m.

As luck would have it the club had the regular scheduled meeting on the air on the KF4L repeater 147.390+ the next day, Wednesday. I made a check in with an anouncement. I declared to the wourld that Thursday come rain, snow, or shine would be a QRP in the Park day. There was not a lot of takers as most seemed to have to work during the morning. Just our luck.

But in the true spirit of QRP the three amegos were off and running to the local Donut Delight at the corner of Providence and Peachers Mill in Clarksville. With some coffee and other items to fortify us we talked of radio contacts and other things that came to mind. What a great start for a QRP day. Little did we know that the weather would be the same as it has every time we have worked QRP, that is cold and windy.

This time DOC was bringing his VW Van (ie; portable ham shack) for working out of. What a great idea. Also DOC had his radio set up in a flash and we did not even have to take ours out of the bag. All he needed was an antenna. Now comes the cool part. After building the Mystery antenna ( I was told by KF4WK that John had other antennas that looked real good. Yep you guessed it, I could not wait to get on and try out another antenna. This time it was the D3+ High Proformance Antenna for Field Day. It is on the W5GI web site and is easy to build. I made the 20 meter version and after setting it up and connecting it to DOC's rig the signals just came rolling in. Los Angeles and the west coast along with some DX stations were on the band.

Not all stations could hear us as we were working with 5 watts and lower as the battery power dropped. The first station was on 20 meters and DOC called him in using CQ QRP DE NV4T (14.042 Mhz) WB0BRO, Ernie came back with a strong signal 599 and let us know we were 549 into Rapid City, SD. Ernie said we had a lot of QSB but we were good copy. Great the antenna was working. Next we called several stations on 40 meters but were not able to reach them. They were coming in like gang busters but 5 watts and less was just not making the trip. Now it was my turn and I was checking out the whole band to see if the antenna was working as stated by John W5GI. 20 meters was ok 40 meters was ok next 17 meters. Bingo K9WZB Gary, from Lake Havasue City was booming in on sideband. (18.144 Mhz) Yea I know TRATOR... but I just had to check. After several calls I got him, Gary gave us a 51 signal. DOC did a quick check and noted that we were putting out about 3 watts,  what a deal. After a short rest we decided time was up. Looking out the window of the shack I noticed that a freezing rain was starting to fall and it was getting close to lunch time. Boy time flys when you are having fun. BUT just one more call. Back on 20 meters CW (I had to make amends) WA2ZDY was coming in great. Several attempts came back with SRI OM NG UR RST 229. His signal was readable but mine was in the mud. No dought our power level was down to 9.2 volt. Oh well andother day in the life of the three amegos. DE KM6NN es KF4WK es NV4T saying 72 for now. Watch for more QRP in the park later also Hams helping Hams.


72 for now DE KM6NN