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KF4L C.A.T.S Clarksville Amateur Transmitting Society

Welcome to the KF4L Learning Center

The purpose of the KF4L learning center is to maintain and improve our technical abilities throughout our amateur radio careers and provide opportunities for the development of new amateur radio operators.

The first steps in Amateur Radio

There are many different avenues one could take to get into amateur radio. The most common are test books like the ones found here. After you feel comfortable studying. Online practice tests can be found at A good rule for online practice is 85% or higher and you are ready to test. Testing times and locations can be found on the Events Page. Don’t forget to bring a copy of your FRN and two forms of ID.


How do antennas and radio waves work?

Part one how antennas work

Part two how antennas work

Part three how antennas work

Understanding NVIS


What are Repeaters

How to link Repeaters

VHF/UHF Antennas

J-Pole Antenna VHF/UHF-W4EMB

Tape Measure Yagi Beam Antenna-KB9VBR

Ground Plane Antenna

Programing Radios

How to Program with CHIRP

Trouble Shooting VHF/UHF Antennas and Coax

Sometimes things happen like high SWR, RX with no TX, and bad RX. No need to worry these problems can be easily fixed with proper trouble shooting. Some basic trouble shooting steps are covered by Shakespeare-Marine with little or no test equipment. For more in-depth trouble shooting visit K0BG Antenna Problems

HF Antennas

1.0 SWR @ 50 ohms EVERY TIME

Small Garden Vertical HF Antenna

More to come