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The next test will be 30 September 2018

Testing Time is  1:00pm

    The KF4L Ham Radio Club offers a lot in the line of TESTING. In order to get your Amateur Radio License, you must take and pass an exam. There are 3 (three) levels of exams. The first level of Amateur Radio License is the Technician Class License. The second level is called the General Class, and the third class and the highest is called the Extra Class.

   The KF4L Radio club has Test Proctors known as Volunteer Examiners, or VEs. These VEs meet 6 times a year in order to proctor any level of exam that you are ready for.

    Jimmie Shelton, Kt4FQ also teaches classes for free for people interested in the Technician and General class license. for class information, please contact Jimmie via phone at 931-216-6777 or you can email him HERE. He is eager to meet you and assist you in any way he can. 

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How to get to the Test Site

    The test site is located at Tennova Healthcare . Once you get to Tennova, the room you need to find is the Liberty Room - A.  Right inside the main entrance. Just go passed the main desk, go passed the gift shop. Look for the Liberty Room A on your Left.

    Items to take with you for testing include your Drivers license, or  some other form of official government issued picture identification, writting utensils, and a nominal fee of $14.00. You may also bring a calculator. You can NOT use smart phones.


 Dan Baker is the point of contact for all testing. He can be reached HERE