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WEDNESDAY NIGHT NET click here (Ed Hosting)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT NET click here (John Hosting)


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Next Club Meeting

Location Pending

November 18th at 6:30


The next test will be the 20th of November.

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Join us Every Wednesday at 7:00 on 147.390


 A Calendar for contests and special events. Remember to check the UTC time, not Local time. Click HERE for the Calendar. Thanks to Bruce, WA7BNM


 A repeater Map. Click HERE to try it out.



 ** Every Wednesday at 7:00pm Join KF4L for a 2meter net on 147.390 repeater. Check in, say hello. 147.390+


Information Requests

For any information about the C.A.T.S. Radio club, please feel free to email            KF4L Web Master .


If you wish, you may use this PAYPAL LINK to pay your Dues.

Ensure you include your NAME, CALL, and label it CLUB DUES.

$20 a year per individual, or $30 a year for a couple.